Poetry’s Leading Light: exclusive interview with Sarah Holland-Batt -   When did you first start considering writing poetry, or writing as a serious pursuit?   I started writing poems when I was in high school in Denver, Colorado. I was studying classical piano seriously at the time, with the … Continue reading
Making the most of a Life: Interview with Nathan Curnow - Nathan Curnow What is your first memory of wanting to be a writer/ wanting to write? I have memories of enjoying writing when I was younger but the need to pursue it came from reading David Malouf’s Remembering Babylon. I’d seen … Continue reading
The Hazards by Sarah Holland-Batt - The Hazards Sarah Holland-Batt UQP $24.95 I fell in love with this book quickly, then had some reservations, then I became a devotee to Sarah Holland-Batt ; and this rollercoaster ride went with a lineal reading of The Hazards.  Sensual, … Continue reading
Love poems and Death Threats - Samuel Wagan Watson Love Poems and Death Threats UQP RRP $24.95   This honest and personal collection of poetry from award winning Indigenous poet Samuel Wagan Watson marks his fifth poetry collection, and secures his position as a poet of … Continue reading
Zines from Sticky Institute - Zines from Sticky Institute:  where blood, sweat and tears drip from the walls. My early contact with Zines was mainly through Loser Magazine (Losercorp paraphernalia, “1987 and onwards”), as well as some great publications through SCAM press like How to … Continue reading
Hope, History and the Main Man - Hope, History and the Main Man Neil Boyack has a snappy chat with Gary Foley I first saw Gary Foley in the early eighties when I was wagging school, and watching a soapie A Country Practice in the early-afternoon senior’s slot.  I … Continue reading
It’s not a money thing” : Nick Cave too busy for Newstead Tattoo in 2017 - “It’s not a money thing” : Nick Cave too busy for Newstead Tattoo in 2017 Nick Cave is unavailable for the 2017 Newstead Short Story Tattoo.  In a statement released by Nick Cave’s UK representative Suzi Goodrich from ACT Management, Suzi … Continue reading
Central Victorian Writers Scoop the Pool to Read with Christos Tsiolkas - Central Victorian Writers Scoop the Pool to Read with Christos Tsiolkas Ballarat writer Annie Drum, and Bendigo poet Melinda Kallasmae are the lucky two central Victorian writers to win a reading slot with Australia’s greatest living author Christos Tsiolkas at … Continue reading
Can a Man be a Feminist? - Can a Man Be a Feminist? Neil Boyack Speaks with Clementine Ford. Clementine Ford is someone who speaks her mind. She is a firebrand Feminist who is not only championing the rights of women, but cutting a path with a … Continue reading
Professionalism, Prose, and the Perfect Pitch - Professionalism, Prose, and the Perfect Pitch: Neil Boyack speaks with Kirsten Krauth Where were you born, and where did you grow up?  I’m not sure I have ever really grown up, but I was born in Port Moresby in Papua New … Continue reading

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