Ticket Prices

*Tattoo Newsflash* — tickets will be avaialable on the door in limited numbers, yet, we suggest you guarantee your seat by purchasing through Oztix– check the tickets page and follow the links**

1 x session ticket $10 plus BF

3 x session saver pass $25 plus BF (this ticket for dedicated sessions below)

  • Friday Night Jazz Club — Bella Frisky: gypsy-tango-sassy-cabaret
  • Anarchism, Activism, Asperger’s and Advocacy
  • Food Stories– Lunch with Joe Dolce (note– a further contribution is required to eat lunch– all proceeds go to the Newstead Community Garden)

6 x session whole weekend pass (includes Racecourse camping fee) $50 plus BF

Note– tickets to MTC Cronin day-poetry-workshop The Secrets of Submission through Writers Victoria, not Oztix– check the link below.

Click here to download printable program.

  • Anarchism, Activism, Asperger’s and Advocacy — Sat 2nd May 2pm
  • Fire Stories — Sat 2nd May 7pm
  • Masters and Apprentices — Sun 3rd May 11am


Friday May 1, 

Friday Night Jazz Club 

BFsmallDoors open 7pm: featuring the sensational, sassy, scintillating tunes of local stellar trio Bella Frisky. Bella Frisky’s cool tunes will transport you to exotic locales around the globe. From Arabian caravans to Russian villages, Tango to Tarantella and oh so sexy Frenchy songs. Italian partisans to smoky German cabaret bars, Spanish olé to Turkish dervishes and back again. A sassy opening night indeed! Purchase tickets from Oztix via the tickets page or at the link above.


Saturday May 2

Newstead Bookstore for a Day

bookshelf nsst 20159-3pm: Newstead Community Centre Foyer, Lyons St, Newstead, 9am-3pm, browse, buy, read, peruse, touch, feel, smell a whole foyer full of books and Zines as Newstead opens its first real bookstore stocked with new and used material and texts from The Sticky Institute, Newstead Community Library, and Newstead Short Story Tattoo’s own sacred book vault. Free to all.



Saturday May 2

MTC Cronin: The Secrets of Submission (poetry)

MTC-CroninNewstead Community Centre, 9am-4pm :  Workshop — presented by Writer’s Victoria. MTC Cronin’s international reputation as a poet and writer extraordinaire has comes from years of graft, experimentation, and backing her own ability into where she wishes to take her writing. Engage in her tricks of editing, her secrets of submission, and absorb her creative process, whilst learning how to become a writer and maintain your discipline. This is recommended for emerging writers as well as more established writers. Please click the link to Writers Victoria here and purchase tickets. Tickets limited.




Saturday May 2

Going Down Swinging presents Brunch Stories

GDS-Logo-white11am: Newstead Community Centre, Lyons st, Newstead, 11am. Showcasing a cavalcade of fine writers from the extensive stable of stalwart Lit Mag Going Down Swinging. This promises to be a writer’s dream and a listener’s paradise. Purchase tickets from Oztix via the tickets page or at the link above.



Saturday May 2

Anarchism, Activism, Asperger’s and Advocacy 

clementinesmallNewstead Community Centre, Lyons st, Newstead. 2pm. Be a part of Australian and Indigenous history as you engage in the inaugural Gary Foley Lecture. With a theme of “Hope and History” Gary takes us through his vision, his journey, working through a fascinating meditation connected to hope and history.  Firebrand Feminist Clementine Ford talks us through feminism now,  and DrPatrick Johnson, psychiatrist and Lacanian, talks on the notion of medical model “diagnosis” whilst pulling apart the DSM. A power-packed political line up and a lightning rod for discussion no doubt. Purchase tickets from Oztix via the tickets page or at the link above.


Saturday May 2

Fire Stories

klaresmallNewstead Racecourse, (enter McNabb rd) 7pm. Cuddle up, listen to the crackle of the fire, and absorb master storytellers, poets and performers with their instruments and vocals whilst they engage you in a traditional storytelling session around the fire. Featuring Joe Dolce, Vin Maskell and Stereo Stories, Kirsten Krauth, Fraser McKay, Klare Lanson, Rhonda Baum, O Spaniel-Murray and opportunities for “ring-in” storytellers with an open mic. Purchase tickets from Oztix via the tickets page or at the link above. (*Note: bad weather back up for Fire Stories is Newstead Community Centre).


Sunday May 3

Masters and Apprentices

MaldonBankNewstead Community Centre, Lyons st, Newstead, 11am. This event offers up some master storytellers, whilst giving opportunities for emerging, local authors to read their work. An international superstar and an Australian icon, and arguably the most famous person to ever come to Newstead, Christos Tsiolkas reads a story from his recent stunning short story collection Merciless Gods, whilst Victoria Coverdale (AKA Annabel Tellis) reads her witty Shane Warne love poems, and Neil Boyack releases his new range of short evocative works amidst two lucky local writers, who won the right to be here, Annie Drum from Ballarat and Melinda Kallasmae from Bendigo. This is not to be missed. Purchase tickets from Oztix via the tickets page or at the link above. This event sponsored by the Maldon and District Community Bank.


Sunday May 3

Food Stories: Lunch with Joe Dolce

Joe Dolce

Joe Dolce

Newstead Community Garden, Panmure st, Newstead, 1.30pm:  Everyone knows Joe Dolce as a singer, a songwriter a storyteller, and famously from the number one selling hit single from 1982 (still holds the record for Australia single sales) Shaddap You Face, yet not many know that Joe is a foodie and a cook. Listen to Joe’s stories and songs, whilst the crew at Newstead Community Garden Cook his recipes. This promises to be an exceedingly fun and popular close to a sensational program, in the beautiful setting of the established Newstead Community Garden (**Note bad weather back up for lunch is Newstead Community Centre). Purchase tickets from Oztix via the tickets page or at the link above. Please note: a further charge is required for lunch which is being provided by the lovely people of the Newstead Community Garden. All proceeds from lunch go towards the Newstead Community Garden.

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