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Boyack portrait with French courtyard webPersonalised writing coaching,  mentoring and tutoring:

How can one live in such a world as this and claim “writer’s block”? This is unacceptable.  There is no such thing.  This is merely an excuse for people who want to write (or maybe think they do), to stall and talk and make another cup of tea.  We need to address this. Attending to writers at all levels my tailored coaching and mentoring is suited to your skill set, and more importantly, where you want to take your writing.  Predominantly short stories, novellas,  poetry, but extending to novels and speech writing, we discuss your work;  the technical issues, the themes, the tones, the colours, the impact, the silences, and we edit, and we edit, and we grow your work, and warm your awareness. My approach includes an honest , up front discussion around what you want to see in your work, and where you want your work to go.  We talk about, and practice, how to read and perform your work if this is where you want to improve.  We can work face to face, over the phone, via the email, or in another format that suits you if we decide that we are going work together.  Importantly we cover areas of discipline and motivation, the process of creation, the art of editing and pushing your ideas to their zenith, whilst creating a writing routine and culture that fits in with family duties, kids, stress, and all the things that stop you putting fingers to the keyboard.  It depends on what you want; this is a personalised service.  Contact me if you wish to talk through your work; where you want to take it, and where we can start.  


typewriter arms webWriting groups: luncheons and dinners

Get your writer’s group together, make a date, cook up a storm, arrange a picnic, bring your pens and pads, and IPads, and we can work through your writing, as a group, in a paddock, in a lounge room, or in a church hall, it’s all up to you.  Running a session tailored to the needs and wants of the group can be beneficial and invigorating; yet hashing out what we can do to take things further is exciting, creating real potential and goals. Contact me around what the group needs and we can discuss a session dedicated to this. Book now.  


bookshelf nsst 2015Schools, Volunteerism, Student Tutoring

Offering a range of selected free workshops to schools for students interested in writing, from year 10 upwards, is negotiable via a school representative (usually the English teacher!).  Creating a “safe space” within the group, I run through the basics of writing with some fun, challenging exercises, whilst reading my short-short stories to ensure engagement, chat and impact.   Young people who are committed to reading and writing are inspiring to me, and where I can, I will do what I can, to support the journey with an action plan.  Free workshop slots are limited and depend on availability, and for the most part geography.  Other tailored sessions may be negotiated.  I am also available for student tutoring and mentoring.  I have a full Working With Children Check and as mentioned in my biography I have worked with students at different levels within a range of educational settings including the ATAS (Aboriginal Tutorial Assistance Scheme), as well as with adolescents for 15 years.  Contact me and we can talk through your enquiry without obligation.  


flywire beach pic webEditing Services

I including a full critique and recommendations we start with your strengths and where you wish to take your work.  We converse on your influences, your goals, your constraints – which are more important than your strengths in many ways, and we work to eradicate them, with consent of course!  Sometimes the best sentence you’ve ever written, the best descriptive phrase you’ve ever imagined, just won’t fit, and the courage to remove it hardens your writing resolve, offering restraint and consistency.  I prefer writers who are working with stories, poems, novellas, speech writers but will work with any form of writing depending on availability. Please email 300 –400 words, your bio, and a statement around where you want your work to go for a no obligation snap-critique of your work.  


mirror pic webPromoting your work — Self publishing and self promotion is not a dirty group of words

There has never been a better time to do things yourself. The digital age has brought the world of publishing to your computer and an available network that is full of bloggers, reviewers and cool outlets, like The Sticky Institute, and a range of bookshops and retail outlets who will support and care for your work.  When things are said and done the things that separate major publishers from you and your work are brand power, and leather wing chairs.  So many great writers and commentators are not being represented by the mainstream because there is a marketplace outside the mainstream.  Learn how to build a network, create a strategy, and get your work out into the market place.  It only takes a little persistence, a little encouragement, some honest feedback and little hard work, and together we can set your words in motion.


SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAEvent Management and Promotion

With a strong background in event creation and direction that spans art, music, storytelling, literature, debate, performance and politics all within a range of settings that include community, not for profit, and both smaller and larger private settings I can assist in consulting with your group, your committee, your council, around your ideas, and your vision. We can create a strategy, a promotional plan, and budget our way into the black, whilst delivering an engaging, inclusive event for your community. Please contact me to talk this through further.  


Overland gig flyer BoyackMy bio and writing/performing experience

My stories, poems, vignettes, and commentary have been published in numerous journals, magazines, and publications both in Australia and internationally.  These include Overland, The Literary Review (Canada), The Newer York (USA), Cleaver Magazine (USA), Trouble Magazine, Best Australian Poems, and many more.  Institutions such as Melbourne University, Victoria University, and Federation University (Ballarat), alongside the Maryborough Education Centre, and Bendigo TAFE (BRIT) have all studied my work, and continue to do so.  My stories and writing have been translated into French and Chinese and I have regularly worked within the TAFE system to present my work and skill set to students.  Having self published works, such as the seminal Black and Snakeskin, I have also had collections published by mainstream publishers; See Through (UQP) and Transactions (The Vulgar Press).  My last collection of poems and pieces, and first E-book, Self Help and Other Works (One Eyed Girl) was released in 2013 and my new mini-collections Unimagine and Million Deaths will be released through One Eyed Girl at the 2015 Newstead Short Story Tattoo. My live performance experience has been largely reading stories and performing poems and pieces , yet I have a large musical history . Most recently I played in “Wandering Cloud” at the State Festival Castlemaine.


Boyack on stairs in Mont RoyalMy Education

Bachelor of Arts — Aboriginal Studies (2nd major professional writing/ social work) Masters Level Graduate  Certificate – Developmental Psychiatry (Melbourne University/ Latrobe University/ Mindful) Diploma of Management – (BRIT) Graduate Certificate — Adolescent Health and Welfare (Melbourne University/RCH) RMIT Professional Writing and Editing 



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